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ASA bans “unverifiable” TVBet ads

| By iGB Editorial Team
The UK’s advertising standards authority (ASA) has upheld complaints regarding two ads for TVBet featured during the Betting on Sports trade show last year.

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld complaints regarding two ads for TVBet featured during the Betting on Sports trade show last year.

The first ad appeared on media screens during the event and features the text “The Biggest Jackpots”. The second advertisement appeared in the September 2019 editions of the iGaming Times and Gambling Insider and including the claim “#1 World’s Live-Games Provider”.

BetGames.tv complained about each ad, arguing that the assertions made were misleading, unsubstantiated and not verifiable, therefore in breach of the CAP code, which requires that comparisons with identifiable competitors are verifiable.

TVBet said that these claims were not misleading, however, as TVBet had been ranked first in jackpot size and as the overall best among a list of live gaming providers on Logincasino.org. However, it added that it would not use these claims again in advertisements going forward.

The ASA upheld the complaint, noting that Logincasino’s lists only included five providers “with no explanation as to why they had been selected, on what the figures were based, or from where they had been sourced.” As a result, the claim to “The Biggest Jackpots” was considered unsubstantiated and therefore in breach of the advertiser’s code.

For the claim “#1 World’s Live-Games Provider”, the ASA said that without any further explanation, “businesses would understand the claim objectively to mean that TVBet’s live games offering was the best-selling on the market.” As this is not the case, the complaint against the second claim was also upheld.

“The ads did not direct businesses to any additional information regarding the comparisons and explaining the basis for the claims,” the ASA said.

TVBet told iGB that the communications should have stated that it was the leader, and offered the biggest jackpots, specifically in the niche of TV games, ahead of its competitor BetGames.TV.

“In terms of the availability of jackpots provided, promo codes, a larger number of games in the portfolio, as well as two additional services, TVBet holds the first-place position in the niche of TV games,” the supplier explained.

“We thank all participants in the process for the time spent, as well as our respected competitor BetgamesTV for helping us to particularise our market positioning.”

The ads were banned from appearing again in the form that attracted the complaints. In addition, the ASA told TVBet’s parent company ASTOK that when making comparative claims in future, they should ensure that they were able to substantiate them with documentary evidence, and ensure that claims were verifiable.

TVBet said that it respected the ASA's ruling, and pledged to comply with advertising rules.

“Going forward, we commit ourselves to strictly following the decision of the ASA and are grateful for pointing out our mistake to us,” it said.

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