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AMGO set to lose Malta licence after regulatory breaches

| By Robert Fletcher
The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is set to cancel the B2C gaming licence of AMGO iGaming Malta after ruling the operator breached a series of regulations.
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According to the regulator, AMGO was found guilty of three core breaches. Two of these were in relation to failing to pay required licence fees.

AMGO had been offering online casino and sports betting across a number of brands under its Malta licence. These sites include Gigapotti.com, Dragonaraonline.com, Pwr.bet, Jetbull.com and Fantasino.com.

Breaking down each breach, the MGA says the first is for Regulation 3(1)(b) of the Gaming Licence Fees Regulations. The regulator says AMGO failed to pay its annual licence fee for the 12-month period from 22 November 2022 to 22 November 2023. An amount of €13,915 (£12,098/$14,660) remains unpaid.

The second breach is an extension of this and relates to Regulation 3(1)(a) and Regulation 6 of the Gaming Licence Fees regulations. AMGO failed to pay applicable compliance fees to the regulator within a set timeframe. 

As for the third breach, this was in reference to Article 38 of the Player Protection Directive. The MGA says AMGO failed to either meet commitments to players or that such failure is “imminent”. 

Chance for AMGO to keep hold of Malta licence

Based on these three core breaches, the MGA says this warrants cancellation of the AMGO licence. The regulator has now requested AMGO provide a written response setting out why its licence should not be cancelled. AMGI has 20 days from 31 October to reply.

The MGA has also ordered AMGO to settle all outstanding fees, with these to include the applicable interest rate on such fees. In addition, AMGO must ensure its operations are in line with the Gaming Player Protection Regulations. 

Only after this will the MGA consider reinstating the licence. However, should AMGO fail to satisfy these demands, the MGA will proceed with the cancellation.  

MGA clamps down on licence breaches 

The decision to cancel AMGO’s licence follows similar rulings against other operators. Last week, Arabmillionaire’s licence was cancelled for breaching regulations.

These include failing to comply with MGA orders, complete regulatory obligations and discharge financial commitments for its operations. Arabmillionaire is also ruled to have breached rules on anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing. 

Last month, the Malta regulator also cancelled Tipster Limited’s licences after the business was recently wound up.

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