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Scott Sibella sued for allowing criminals to gamble at Resorts World

| By Marese O'Hagan
A suit has been filed against Scott Sibella, former president and chief of Resorts World Las Vegas (RWLV), alleging that he permitted criminals to gamble at the resort using stolen and “ill-gotten” funds.

Sibella stepped down from his roles at Resorts World last month. Although Resorts World did not provide any details regarding Sibella’s departure, it is speculated that it is connected to a federal investigation into an illegal gambling ring.

The suit was filed in the US District Court of Nevada by Robert J Cipriani, a California resident who has a history with Resorts World. He alleges that Sibella and Resorts World turned a “blind eye” to patrons gambling with stolen money.

The suit also alleges that that Resorts World and Sibella were “negligent” and had caused “emotional distress” to Cipriani.

In November 2021, Cipriani was involved in an altercation at the casino with Robert Alexander, who had previously pled guilty to one count of wire fraud and one count of securities fraud. The incident saw Cipriani charged with robbery and larceny – however, these charges were dropped in May 2022.

The suit states that Alexander – despite his criminal history – “was gambling the stolen money of his unfortunate investors at RWLV’s tables”. Cipriani alleges that he directly notified Sibella and Resorts World of Alexander being on the casino floor.

The suit also alleges that Alexander subjected Cipriani to a “weeks-long enabled campaign of harassment and intimidation”.

Additional reports

The suit states that Cipriani also informed Resorts World of other criminals gambling in the facility.

It includes screenshots of conversations between Cipriani and Joseph Tatonetti, the surveillance operations manager at Resorts World. The screenshots outline that in July 2021, Cipriani informed Tatonetti that Brandon Sattler and Edwin Ting were playing on the Resorts World casino floor.

Sattler is currently facing bankruptcy fraud litigation and Ting was convicted for operating a high-stakes illegal gambling ring in New York in 2013.

When Cipriani informed Tatonetti of Sattler being on the casino floor, Tatonetti said he “saw him last night”, adding “I remember something not good about him from Cosmo as well”.

Informing Tatonetti about Ting, Cipriani said he could not believe Ting “got through compliance” and was permitted to be on the Resorts World casino floor. Tatonetti replied “me neither. The cage director is really pissed about it as well.”

Cipriani is seeking a trial by jury, from which he wishes to receive compensatory damages. The total of of these damages would be determined at trial.

“Mr Cipriani seeks compensation for all damages caused by RWLV and Scott Sibella’s failure to act,” reads the suit.

Sibella’s sudden departure

Cipriani’s suit only adds fuel to the fire surrounding Sibella’s alleged conduct.

Speaking to iGB about Sibella’s departure, a Resorts World spokesperson said the former president had “violated company policies and the terms of his employment”.

Resorts World appointed Peter LaVoie, senior vice-president and chief financial officer, as president following Sibella’s departure.

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