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Episode 32: Election anarchy in the UK and a win in Washington DC

| By Robin Harrison

We’re just a day out from Independence Day in the US and the UK is preparing for its own changing of the ruling classes, Regulus Partners’ Dan Waugh explains on the World Series of Politics.

Of course, we start with the ongoing election betting scandal, the highlight – or lowlight – of a short but still chaotic campaign. But, as Dan points out, it’s not entirely clear whether anyone has done anything wrong. And should the investigations have been leaked?

And with signs pointing to a potential Tory wipeout on 4 July, Dan talks Brendan Bussmann and Brandt Iden through what could come under a Labour government.

It’s less the political parties to watch out for and more organs of state that seem determined to treat gambling as a public health issue he warns.

As if we’d forget about DC!

And Brandt is fresh off his victory in DC, where he played a key part in shepherding legislation that finally forms a competitive market in the US capital.

After years of a single-operator model hindering growth, there’s now room for all major brands to play in DC and already huge interest. Just as it looked as if 2024 would finish without a significant win for the industry, it finally has a new state on the board.

It’s a big win – in more ways than one as Brandt triumphantly tells Brendan. The World Series of Politics loves a wager over a bottle of pinot? Mr Bussmann has to pay up again….

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