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Tanzania lowers casino tax in Gaming Act amendment

| By Marese O'Hagan
The Tanzanian government has amended the country's Gaming Act to reduce casino tax from 20% to 15%.

The amendment was announced today (29 July) and pertains to Part 5, Section 31A of the Tanzanian Gaming Act. There was no reason given for the change.

In addition, the government brought in an amendment to the sports betting tax section set out in the Act relating to how betting tax revenue may be spend. The Act now includes a condition that 5% of the tax must be deposited into the Sports Development Fund, where it will go toward supporting local sporting organisations.

The Gaming Board of Tanzania previously introduced a 10% tax on virtual games’ GGR in February, after the Gambling Act had been amended in October 2019 to allow operators to offer virtual sports games.

Also in the October 2019 changes, section 51 of the Gaming Act was amended to allow the Tanzania Gaming Board to authorize companies to promote their products, a change from the blanket ban on gambling advertising that had previously been in place.

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