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BetVictor’s RAMP to boost ‘personalised communication’

| By iGB Editorial Team
BetVictor's retention chief says personalised customer communication is key part of strategy

BetVictor has revamped its customer engagement strategy through the launch of its new Real-Time Automated Marketing Platform (RAMP).

The gaming operator said it wants to overcome the marketing problems created by using different providers through the introduction of the new service, which was created by an in-house team.

RAMP has been designed to provide a seamless tool to foster interaction with customers more effectively and in real time.

Citing new research by Bluecore that showed that 40% of customers who received communications showcasing relevant products are more likely to read them, BetVictor said that RAMP will enable consumers to receive personalised campaigns and promotions through email, SMS, push notification and other communication channels.

Leo Judkins, BetVictor’s head of retention, told iGamingBusiness.com that the independent plug-and-play solution could even be offered to other operators as a software service in the future.

He added: “A big focus for our business is to keep innovating and improving how we interact with our customers.

“We see the area of personalised customer communication as a really key element of the customer experience and, in line with our approach to other key product features of our business, we look to keep as much of that functionality in-house as possible.

“RAMP was developed to bridge the gap we were facing when working with different providers. This new tool, brings a holistic solution to BetVictor, allowing our teams to offer multi-channel campaigning and predictive segmentation in a simple, fast and effective way, via a single interface.”

BetVictor said RAMP has the ability to create cross-channel campaigns in all languages and in a fully automated way within seconds, with simplicity a key factor.

Judkins added to iGamingBusiness.com: “Many players in our industry are still working with complex tools that require multiple interfaces. With RAMP, we consolidated it all into one platform, enabling our teams to focus on what really matters – our customers.”

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