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Putting down roots in emerging markets

| By Marese O'Hagan | Reading Time: 4 minutes
Platform developer Gamingtec is bustling to join those flocking to emerging markets – namely Latin America. As just one offering among the masses, Andrei Beu, commercial director at Gamingtec, speaks to Marese O’Hagan about the attraction of emerging markets and what Gamingtec has to offer.

Beu spoke to iGB just one month shy of Gamingtec’s 10-year anniversary. He says the company has changed its focus over the decade, slowly morphing from a B2C entity to a B2B space – a shift that has happened largely in recent years. 

“The company started out mostly in the B2C area – we have a couple of brands that we’re still managing,” says Beu. “The B2B focus started being pushed more and more over the past couple of years.” 

Gamingtec’s B2B focus makes up a large part of Beu’s role as commercial director. Although he is a fairly recent addition to the fold, having joined in November 2021, Beu’s industry career dates back to 2014, comprising the likes of EveryMatrix, BetBrain and esports data company HUDstats. 

Andrei Beu, commercial director, Gamingtec

Although the renewed focus on B2B has pushed Gamingtec to consider its market presence, Beu says Gamingtec is mainly focused on emerging markets at the moment, with the company proving popular in those. 

However, he adds that the more established regulated markets have not fallen to the wayside – particularly those Gamingtec has offices in, such as London and Ukraine. 

“We are mostly handling emerging markets at the moment,” he explains. “This is where we are picking up most of our attention from.

“We are definitely looking into regulated markets, slowly and steadily.” 

First and foremost 

As with most igaming companies, Gamingtec is paying close attention to Latin America – a fitting area for Gamingtec, given that it comprises a mix of emerging and established regulated markets. 

“The next big region for us is LatAm, as it’s a market with huge potential and gives us the chance to innovate,” says Beu. “I think there are a series of markets which already have a proof of concept, like Brazil, Peru, Chile or Colombia.

“Most of them are already regulated, which creates a nice environment to grow and a potential to find good business.” 

Beu recognises that Gamingtec is eyeing up LatAm alongside a myriad of competitors. However that’s less of a negative to him and more of an opportunity to be increasingly efficient with its offerings. 

“We think that even though we are no longer talking about being the first in LatAm – everyone is already targeting that area – we still think that there’s a lot of room to improve and innovate.” 

Further afield 

Although LatAm is a hot topic in the industry, it is not Gamingtec’s current sole focus. Beu says the company also has Africa in its sights. 

Beu expects a lot more attention to be paid to markets in Africa over the next few years. Currently, he views the continent as an untapped opportunity. 

Beu says Gamingtec has its eye on two particular emerging markets – Latin America and Africa

“We’re considering that in the next three or four years, Africa will get a lot of recognition, especially with the surge in new technologies,” he says. 

“It’s probably one of the less targeted markets while also having one of the biggest amount of players. So hopefully we will be one of the first to get there.” 

Like LatAm, Beu views Africa as an optimal space for Gamingtec to make its mark, especially as it has a largely land-based focus.  

“Most of the African markets are still into land-based [gaming], so we see the opportunity to come there as one of the first to educate the market,” he says.  

“Why not be one of the game changers? This is what we hope to see.” 

Plenty of fish in the sea 

With this recent focus on B2B also came an inclination to add more new content to Gamingtec’s offerings on a regular basis. The most recent of these includes a partnership with slots provider Fugaso, a move that Beu hopes will lead to expansion in emerging markets and cultivate a strong offering in existing markets. 

“Every month, we aim to get new content added to the platform,” he explains. “When it comes to this new partnership with Fugaso, it’s another interesting and big partner added to our carousel of games, as we like to call it.” 

“We hope that with this new added content and gamification, we can penetrate new markets and add more excitement to the existing ones.” 

While Beu is optimistic about what Gamingtec has to offer, he is candid about its place in a saturated market. 

“As for ‘Why Gamingtec?’… I think that’s a question that everyone gets, and it’s not an easy one to answer, especially nowadays with so much competition out there.” 

He explains that the difference is in the detail, and how Gamingtec strives to personalise the customer experience. 

“Everyone is providing the same kind of idea of a white label/turnkey solution,” he muses. “The differences are very small, probably to the extent of a couple of bits and pieces of the offering that can be tailored in one way or the other.” 

But no matter how far Gamingtec extends its reach, Beu says it will never stray far from its customer-centred focus. 

“We are there for the client, and the client is at the centre of the business,” he says. “We strive to put everyone in command, and we only aim to guide them to success.”  

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