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NSW government repeats calls for RG messaging in gambling ads

| By Robert Fletcher
The New South Wales (NSW) government has urged operators to ensure advertising includes responsible gambling messages after two brands were flagged for non-compliance.
New South Wales

Liquor & Gaming NSW, the Australian state’s gambling regulator, recently issued show cause notices to two operators over irregularities in TV ads. 

While the identities of the brands and the specific breaches were not disclosed, the regulator said that both operators had undermined agreed responsible gambling messages.

Liquor & Gaming NSW executive director of regulatory operations and enforcement, Jane Lin, said operators should ensure adverts gives such messages the right exposure to help reduce the risk of harm.

“In one instance, the responsible gambling message was barely audible – while the rest of the ad could be heard loud and clear,” Lin said.

“Another operator drastically changed the tone of the voice-over when the message was spoken, going from strong and confident to soft and passive.

“We urge gambling operators and their creative agencies to advertise responsibly and make sure content is in the spirit of providing a clear harm reduction message to consumers and the broader community.”

The requirement to include responsible gambling messages in advertising is part of the National Consumer Protection Framework (NCPF) for Online Wagering in Australia.

Operators that do not comply could face disciplinary action and prosecution from Liquor & Gaming NSW, including fines of up to AU$110,000 (£58,899/€68,324/US$73,300).

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