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One-stop shop CRM

| By Josephine Watson | Reading Time: 3 minutes
In an interview with iGaming Business, Simon Lidzén says that to deliver an exceptional experience, we need to change the way we work.
FAST TRACK, a gaming technology and service provider that specialises in providing ready-for-operation casino sites, has developed a new, igaming-focused CRM platform. In a recent interview with Simon Lidzén, CEO and co-founder of FAST TRACK, we learned how the industry’s perspective and use of CRM systems are shifting. Lidzén says: “Let’s step out from operating an online gaming site for a moment – imagine running a high street shop where there are no employees on the floor and you can only view customer activity from a camera feed with a 24-hour delay. Can we achieve great customer service with this? How likely are our customers to return when no one met them at the door?”

Centralising CRM for efficiency

FAST TRACK’s aim with this product was to create one central platform that integrates all surrounding systems. Instead of working on disparate, manually uploaded lists to orchestrate operations from different systems for each channel, this can now instead be managed from the same activity. Lidzén says this offers an alternative to purchasing expensive systems for each individual channel. “There are many decent services available if you look at a single channel at the time, and most of them come with some basic recipe of segmentation to motivate a higher fee – however, to achieve automation and great service, you need to combine them in to one, and we are the only one doing just that.”

Work process and tool fit for purpose

Businesses in the igaming industry can vary wildly depending on verticals, location, audience segments, etc., and having the flexibility to engage customers in your own way is increasingly important. Features such as hotkeys and single-click duplication can remove repetitive, manual campaign-building processes and open up more time for planning and analysing activities. With quality assurance (QA) being a vital part of the process, FT CRM has integrated a QA portal for testing and proofreading, where users can simulate the player experience, providing a checklist for every activity. Navigating regulation, bonusing and linguistic needs between regions is both essential and burdensome for operators, and typically sending one campaign to multiple markets requires a lot of duplication. To combat this, FT CRM allows users to add localisation within individual activities in a single click. Similarly, it has an inbuilt A/B testing system which improves efficiency by allowing you to assign different actions to random members of your segment within one activity. Addressing changes in player behaviours to improve retention and conversion continues to be of great importance, but performing manual checks to do so is not possible at adapt at great scale. FT CRM includes models for VIP prediction and the probability of a player returning to your site that put a focus on individual player behaviour. Crucial to remaining competitive is having the ability to develop your own internal technology. Therefore, using a platform built on an infrastructure which provides a single dedicated environment for each partner with custom integrations, and that allows customers to feed data into internal warehouses, may open new avenues for CRM success. Simon Lidzén co-founded FAST TRACK in early 2016 with a focus to simplify the online casino business. Simon has over 13 years in the igaming industry, heading up various tech and product teams at companies such as Betsson group and Betfair. Simon has a focus on innovation, product strategy and to achieve organisational efficiency.

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