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Paddy Power donates €129,000 to Irish grassroots football

| By Marese O'Hagan
Paddy Power has donated €129,000 (£110,000/$153,000) to football clubs after it pledged to donate £10,000 each time England scored in the Euro 2020 tournament.

The money was donated as part of Paddy Power’s Save our Game campaign, which aimed to support Irish football clubs.

As the England team managed to score 11 goals throughout the tournament, the total amount, which was paid in pounds sterling, came to €128,650.

The recipients include Ferry Rangers FC, which will use the €10,000 donation to build suitable dressing room facilities, and Brideview United, who plan to use their which will spend its €5,000 donation fixing a clubhouse that suffered damage in an electrical fire in May.

Celtic Park FC received €5,000, which will address damage done by the emergency helicopters that regularly land on their pitch, due to its proximity to the local hospital.

After sharing images of their nets being held together by cable ties, Lenamore Rovers received €1,000 in donations.

So far, €51,000 in donations have been announced as part of the campaign, with the rest expected in the coming weeks.

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