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Video Short: Technology & data in sports betting: how SIS is shaping the data landscape

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Customers’ insatiable and immediate demand for data across an ever increasing range of sports and with growing granularity is one of the key trends identified by SIS commercial director Paul Witten in the latest ‘video short’ interview produced by iGaming Business.

Speaking to iGaming Business ahead of the ICE tradeshow next week, Witten said immediacy of data had been one of the major impacts of the rise of the mobile platform in recent years.

“People now are much more immediate,” Witten said, “and mobile devices have delivered that. People expect to get what they want when they want it, (and) operators have to supply that. But at the same time they have to allow the individual to find and discover new ways to bet, things they didn’t even know existed. Things that excite and delight the customer is what every operator is looking for. Because if they can get that they’ve got stickiness. And if an end customers is sticky with your product, whether it’s a retail proposition or mobile, that’s a success and is what everybody is looking for.”

Witten also commented on unlicensed data providers and how they affect the online betting sector as a whole, convergence between online and offline environments and how the display of information had to be right and innovation in igaming.

With regard to innovation and product types, Witten said he was delighted that SIS would be launching in-running markets for horse racing thanks to data obtained from GPS trackers places on jockeys’ saddle cloths.

“I think there will be some great innovations coming through over the next 12 months. We’re delighted that we’re producing data form horse racing. We can put real-time data in the hands of operators to enable them to innovate and create new market types and I think we’ll see a whole new market for in running horse racing betting products.”
The iGaming Business video shorts are part of a series of video interviews iGaming Business is carrying out with leading industry figures. Check out igamingbusiness.com.dev.synot.io for more on the coming weeks. 

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