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Everi partners US army with interview pledge

| By Daniel O'Boyle
Gaming and financial technology business Everi Holdings has announced an agreement with the US army, meaning it will guarantee army veterans a job interview.

Everi will join the US army’s Partnership for Youth Success programme, a strategic partnership between the army and a variety of companies intended to help those who join the army have easier access to employment after their first term of enlistment. 

This, the army said, is used as a recruiting initiative by setting out plans for a recruit’s post-army career.

“Everi is proud to celebrate this new initiative with the US army,” Everi president and chief operating officer Randy Taylor said. “It allows us to identify and connect with a talented pool of individuals with discipline, focus and a strong work ethic cultivated while in service.

“As a company that has a strong focus in the technology industry, with job availability across our games and fintech business segments, we are eager to engage with veterans who possess a variety of skillsets. 

“This is a win-win engagement for us both; we couldn’t be more proud to work with the US army and those who have served our country.”

Earlier this month, Everi reported that it had made record revenue of $660.4m during 2021. Gaming revenue was $376.7m while fintech revenue was $283.7m.

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