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iGB Pentasia Salary Survey: Stability at last?

| By iGB Editorial Team | Reading Time: 3 minutes
Welcome to the sixth annual iGB Pentasia salary survey, the industry’s most comprehensive benchmarking of global igaming pay. To kick off this year’s edition, Alastair Cleland, Pentasia's managing director, gives an overview of 2023’s headline trends.

The end of spiralling wage growth in the sector leads the issues covered in this year’s edition of the iGB Pentasia salary survey. You’ll also learn of increased demand for specialist hiring in new markets, as well as the knock-on effects caused by delays to the UK Gambling Act review white paper.

I am pleased to present our annual salary survey report, in partnership with iGB. We’ll aim to provide valuable insights into the evolving igaming talent landscape. This year’s survey offers a comprehensive view of the industry’s compensation trends – and a glimpse into the strategies that will shape the sector’s future. 

The headline figure is that salaries across the sector have shown an overall increase of 3.98%. This shift comes in the context of the remarkable growth the sector has witnessed since 2020. This has lead to high demand for talent and corresponding wage inflation. This year’s figures reflect a maturing igaming market that is now focused on sustainable growth.

Salaries are finding their equilibrium and we anticipate this will persist. We don’t expect salaries to decrease but wage growth is becoming more closely aligned with inflation. This will provide a more sustainable and predictable environment. 

New markets, new growth

Increasingly, growth in the sector is coming from new geographic markets. Inevitably, this is where we’re seeing the majority of new roles being created. One key development is the rising activity in LatAm, with a particular focus on Brazil. The imminent legalisation of online casino and sports betting has generated significant attention across the industry. 

Alastair Cleland, Pentasia
New markets are driving growth in gaming, says Pentasia managing director Alastair cleland

However, the demand for individuals with industry-specific experience in these regions is challenging. It’s worth highlighting that our extensive industry networks have played a pivotal role in recruiting for these roles. This underscores the importance of well-established relationships in navigating the industry’s talent landscape. 

9,000km from Brazil, the uncertainty caused by the prolonged delay in the release of the UK Gambling Commission’s white paper cannot be understated. This has had a profound impact on the industry’s ability to plan and invest strategically. 

In such times, relationship-building is of paramount importance. This is not only with staff members who may be disillusioned due to a lack of direction, but also with individuals who can contribute strategically. Building these relationships positions companies to pivot swiftly in response to changing regulations and market conditions. 

Partnering for success: The value of relationships

In this ever-evolving environment, the value of strategic partnerships cannot be overstated. This is why we’ve taken the opportunity to highlight our company values in this report. In particular, how we value relationships over transactions. 

I’m proud to head up the team at Pentasia where our commitment is to developing long-term strategic partnerships with our clients. This means we can provide a continued focused on supporting their growth. 

I hope this report serves as a valuable resource in your strategic decision-making processes – most importantly, in ensuring that talent acquisition and retention align with company objectives and growth strategies. 

Alastair Cleland, managing director, Pentasia – part of the Conexus Group

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