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Pentasia MD: Talent shortage now “debilitating” brake on growth

| By iGB Editorial Team | Reading Time: 2 minutes
The dominant narrative emerging from this year’s iGB-Pentasia Salary Survey is the struggle to find the igaming talent needed to keep up with sector growth demands, writes Pentasia MD Alastair Cleland

The past 12 months have seen truly unprecedented demand for igaming talent, exceeding even the frenzy of our industry’s early days. Employers across the sector are struggling to find talent to match the level and pace of investment.

Serious pain is being caused. Core operational teams are under-resourced. Expansion plans cannot be actioned. Investments are under-delivering.

Across the world, talent shortages now present a debilitating barrier to igaming’s growth.

This year’s eye-catching 12% average salary growth rate is therefore unsurprising. In many areas, though, increases of in excess of 25% are now commonplace. Employers with recruitment backlogs are having to pay whatever’s required.

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