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BetBright brings Netflix tech to betting slips

| By iGB Editorial Team
Operator adds 'social experience' to betting with its BetFeed platform

BetBright is aiming to bring the customisation and community functionality of Netflix to sports wagering after launching its new BetFeed service.

The Dublin-based operator, which earlier this year said a focus on in-house development was at the heart of its growth strategy, said the platform will offer customers a more interactive digital experience, citing the focus on multi-user influenced discovery and curation developed by tech giants such as the TV on-demand streaming service. http://www.igamingbusiness.com/news/betbright-trebles-turnover-2017

BetFeed offers a “unique insight” into which events or bets are popular with other people.  Customers will be able to see in real-time the exact number of people who are betting on a selection, enhancing their experience and encouraging social interaction. The page also allows customers to browse a scrollable feed of up to 100 bets and copy them into their bet slip with a single click.

“Whether it’s Facebook, Netflix or Spotify, the modern digital consumer is used to being able to like and follow trending social feeds and content, from their friends’ photos to their movie and music choices,” said Sarne Lightman, managing director of BetBright.

“Until now, traditional sportsbooks have lacked even the most basic social functionality leaving customers betting in a vacuum with nothing but the odds as evidence to what other users might be doing around them.”

Users will be given greater control to sort and filter their feed with things they are interested in and can sort their feed by the most popular or latest bets. BetFeed can also be refreshed every 30 seconds for real-time offers.

Lightman added: “Like the disrupters in other digital industries, BetBright understands how important the social experience is to the savvy digital customer and BetFeed is the next step on our journey to modernise and disrupt the digital sport betting industry.”

BetBright has introduced the feature as it looks to build on an impressive period of growth. It trebled turnover in 2017, and in February said it hopes to double this total again in the current year. It said it expects profit for 2018 to total £25m (€28.4m/$35m).

In announcing plans for the year it said “our plan is to use our technology ownership technology ownership and the in-house development of this, as an enabler of innovation and differentiation – which will enable us to shake-up what is an already crowded market and stand apart from competitors, which include some very successful and well-known brands.”

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