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Germany’s OGaming switches to FSB sportsbook platform

| By Robert Fletcher
German online gambling group OGaming has transferred over to a new platform supplied by sportsbook technology provider FSB.

Under the agreement, OGaming’s international and regional properties will now be fully powered by the FSB platform.

Full on-boarding of the OGaming network from its original supplier to FSB was completed two months after the two parties agreed their new partnership.

“To offer players the best experience in the market, we required a new, state of the art platform that would allow us to take our offering to the next level,” OGaming executive chairman Tom Golding said.

“FSB not only met but exceeded our expectations and we are thrilled to be powering our brands with their technology in such a short space of time.”

FSB chief executive Dave McDowell added: “This partnership with OGaming is significant for FSB as it further grows our global jurisdictional presence, marks our arrival as a major platform provider across Europe and proves that we can win significant business from our key competitors.

“Within just two months we’ve managed to complete the full-stack migration including data from OGaming’s previous platform provider to FSB and built the requisite regulatory features for German compliance including dual wallet integration.”

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