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Kambi’s predictions for 2019

| By Louella Hughes

In the third and final video in Kambi’s ‘Freedom’ campaign and in the run-up to ICE, Max Meltzer, chief commercial officer at Kambi discusses the company’s predictions for 2019.

The first prediction discussed surrounds regulation, with Kambi believing continued regulation in countries such as the US will prompt operators to review strategy and technology the world over.

Meltzer says: “I would say this causes great opportunity, but also causes problems as well for businesses.”

Meltzer also details the company’s predictions surrounding the evolving focus on data for sports betting, and in particular how the US market will tackle the challenge.

He says: “I think the interesting thing for us as an industry to consider is as the US does launch and do different sports data deals and as that reverberates around the world is ‘are we keeping a level playing field in the way that we distribute sports data, particularly to our bookmakers?”

Finally, Kambi predicts that tech firms will increasingly look at entering the sports betting market.

Meltzer explains that companies that already have sports assets such as streaming rights, statistics rights or broadcasting rights may look to sports betting as a new revenue stream.

The continual development of the sports betting market globally will remain a topic of high interest over the course of the year, and we look forward to seeing if Kambi’s predictions play out.

Watch the second video in this series here.



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