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Put consumer and mobile first, BetQL chief urges

| By iGB Editorial Team
Company has launched a new analytics platform for punters

BetQL CEO Justin Park has warned sports betting operators that they must adopt a mobile-first approach in the market or risk missing out on new customers.

The company, which specialises in data and analytics, recently launched a new mobile-first analytics platform for punters to locate the best value for wagers.

Users can access information about why a certain bet is recommended, such as line movement, sharp money and public ticket distribution, as well as relevant team trends.

Park (pictured) told iGamingBusiness.com that the new platform is beneficial for both the consumer and bookmaker, with BetQL driving traffic to betting platforms.

“Gaining access to this data helps players find the best bets, while betting analysis shows punters how to make informed wagers within many sportsbooks through a single portal,” he said.

Park also picked up on the importance of developing the new platform with a mobile-first focus, saying this is critical in attracting Millennials.

He said: “Until now, consumer facing sports data products tended to be web-based, fragmented and deliver a poor user experience. Millennials have extremely high demands and want everything immediately.

“Operators must utilise the latest technology to keep pace with the mobile-first movement or be left behind. The app is all about combining an innovative, modern user experience and design in a mobile format which is driven by data.”

Park cited the growing US sports betting market as a key region in particular for BetQL, saying that the analytics platform can help those new to sports wagering learn more about the type of bets they can place.

“Educating US punters is going to be an immensely important step in scaling sports betting here,” he said. “BetQL is helping build a ‘middle class’ of sports fans and operators will benefit from an acquisition standpoint.

“Many Americans would find a sportsbook daunting having been unable to legally place bets virtually everywhere outside of Nevada and our app gives people a way to learn about the nuances.”

He added: “The platform will also feature forums, communities and editorial content which will all help increase engagement rates by making betting a social experience.”

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