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Snabbis launches sportsbook through Metric Gaming

| By Marese O'Hagan
Sports betting operator Snabbis.com (Snabbis) has launched a sportsbook through B2B betting provider Metric Gaming (Metric), two years after Snabbis' online casino launch.
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Snabbis’ sportsbook will offer Metric’s in-play personalisation customer software, as well as the ability to process 2,000 bets per second.

The sportsbook will be fully localised in every country Snabbis operates in.

“We are pleased to have our Sportsbook live and are confident we have a product led platform that we are able to differentiate; allowing us to compete for market share,” said Max Falkman, managing director of Snabbis.
“Our future plans align well with Metric’s, and we have every confidence in Metric’s cloud-based technology. We’re looking forward to a long and successful relationship.”

Snabbis will also take advantage of Metric’s multi-tenant platform, which allows multiple operators to offer services independently.

“We’re thrilled our partners at Snabbis have entrusted us with their entry into the sportsbook vertical,” said Jim Supple, CEO of Metric.

“Snabbis will benefit from a best-in-class sportsbook proposition that will bring a market-beating product to their players.”

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