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VIDEO: SBTech answers need for in-play innovation

| By Louella Hughes
SBTech chief product officer Ian Bradley cites lack of innovation in in-play as inspiring Pulse

SBTech chief product officer Ian Bradley has cited a lack of innovation in the in-play market as inspiring the sportsbook’s recent big launch, Pulse.

“A lot of revenue is generated from live betting for all of our operators and we want to keep trying to push it,” he said.

“There hasn’t been that much real innovation over the last few years in live betting, so some ideas got bounced around between a few different people. And we wanted to make something quite different, because adding another market in a long list of betting opportunities for a football match isn’t really different”.

Pulse enables a bettor to place a bet over a short period, which can range from 30 seconds to one minute, five minutes, or 10 minutes.

The user can place the bet whenever they want, and needs to see a goal scored during their chosen period to win. The potential payout increases over the duration of the bet, with a goal at the end of the period winning them a jackpot.

The product, which was launched on the opening day of the ICE Totally Gaming trade show earlier this month, follows other innovations in SBTech’s live betting portfolio, such as Fast Markets, Partial Cash Out, Add2Bet and Action Betting.

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