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All-in Diversity Project launches new #OpenDoors social media campaign

| By Robert Fletcher
Industry-driven initiative the All-in Diversity Project has launched a new social media campaign to support its ongoing efforts to benchmark diversity, equality and inclusion in the betting and gaming sectors.

The #OpenDoors 2021 campaign will aim to raise awareness of how others can affect people’s professional development and recognise the fact that some do not progress in their careers without the help of someone.

The campaign, which also ran last year, will ask contributors to thank someone who opened a door for them, as well as pledge to do the same for someone else.

It will this year run alongside a new scholarship fund, developed to support aspiring leaders from under-represented groups. The All-in Diversity Project has set a goal to this year raise enough to be able to fund at least two scholarships for University of Nevada, Las Vegas International Gaming Institute and University of Nevada, Reno College of Business and Extended Studies’ Executive Development Programme.

Penn National Gaming, Hero Gaming, Interactive Gaming Group, Insight Global, Playtech, Pronet Gaming, and Facebook Gaming are among the first corporate sponsors of the scholarship.

“If we really want to progress and be a more diverse and inclusive industry, we need to recognise that we did not get to where we are in our career without the help of someone along the way,” All-in Diversity Project co-founder Kelly Kehn said.

“By celebrating someone who supported your career, you are also pledging that you are willing to hold the door open for someone else who might need it. Donations to the scholarship fund are a true action where we can hold the door open for the future leaders of our industry.”

The new campaign comes after the All-in Diversity Project this week also signed a signed a new strategic partnership with the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA).

The IBIA said it teamed up with the body as part of its plan to expand its network to meet the challenges of a changing world of customers and products and the increasing spotlight on equality issues within the world of sport.

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