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Danish regulator determines StopSpillet helpline meets targets

| By Zak Thomas-Akoo
Danish gambling regulator Spillemyndigheden states that its StopSpillet gambling helpline meets the “desired requirements”, and is successfully reaching its target groups.

The regulator announced the news in a study evaluating data generated by the StopSpillet helpline. The study showed that 87% of people who call in are male, with strong representations from younger males. Overall, 35% of all callers are men between the ages of 18-25.

In addition, close to 50% of callers began their gambling activity before they turned 18. This, it noted, tracks with other studies which shows that addiction is more likely if gambling begins at an earlier age. Many callers have struggled with gambling-related harms for a prolonged period, with the typical user having grappled with their behaviour for two and a half years.

When users specify the types of gambling which they use, 62% cite some form of online gambling, either online casino or betting. 26% of callers identified that they tended to gamble at land-based or retail venues – while other types of gambling represented the last 12% of the study.

Men typically spent more money when gambling, spending on average DKK13,200 (£1,536/ €1,776/ $1,799) per month, compared to DKK9,300 for women. However, women were more likely to spend more total time on gambling activity, spending 30 hours gambling per week, as opposed to 19 for men.

Of the relatives of those suffering gambling-related harms who contacted the helpline, 66% were women. Of all groups, women aged 46-55 were most likely to contact the helpline as a relative. In general, it is mothers and partners of victims who call the helpline.

The study also noted that in the context of increasingly prevalent gambling harms, the helpline is a useful tool in helping reduce problematic behaviour.

“In May 2022, the Gambling Authority published an investigation by Rambøll about gambling and gambling problems in Denmark. The study shows that gambling problems are generally increasing – among adults and children and young people. The figures in the survey indicate that even more people can benefit from knowing and using StopSpillet.”

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