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Entain completes first phase of new customer protection initiative

| By Robert Fletcher
Entain has completed the initial stage of its new Advanced Responsibility and Care (ARC) customer protection strategy, extending the behavioural indicators it uses to identify players potentially at risk of gambling-related harm.

Launched in November as part of its rebrand from GVC Holdings to Entain, ARC was developed to deploy the group’s proprietary technology platform and behavioural play data to provide end-to-end player protection and interaction across its network.

The initial phase of this saw Entain expand its behavioural indicators to include new factor such as fluctuations in stake levels, erratic play during a single session and signs that a player might be chasing losses.

Data scientists at Entain have also started to develop models to test the extended range of indicators in real situations, with the aim of identifying customers who may show signs of potential problems, as well as those exhibiting intermittent signs of being at potential risk.

Entain said its end goal is to offer all of its customers both a personalised playing experience and protection tailored to their individual risk profile.

Peter Marcus, group operations director at Entain, who is overseeing the development of ARC, said: “We’re using our technology, leveraging our data and behavioural science, to deliver a fundamental shift in customer care.

“The real innovation is to apply hyper-personalisation to customer protection – using insight into the individual behaviours of customers to manage their exposure to risk in real time.”

Data from the new models is to be assessed prior to further development of ARC in the coming months, with Entain to continue to work with the Harvard Medical School Faculty, Division on Addiction, as part of its ongoing multi-year research project.

Entain plans to launch ARC first in the UK this summer.

Entain chief executive Jette Nygaard-Andersen said: “We are putting customers first, both by prioritising their safety through our use of technology to limit individual exposure to risk, whilst also enhancing their experience across all our brands. 

“We will do this not only in our traditional markets of sports betting and gaming, but also as we grow into new areas, like video gaming and esports as a global entertainment company.”

The initial phase of ARC activity has also seen Entain partner with independent game data specialist Future Anthem, and neuroscience, neuroimaging and problem gambling expert Mindway AI to develop two new pilot initiatives.

Working with Future Anthem, Entain in November announced plans to pilot the Anthemetrics Safer Play Responsible Gambling solution, to help strengthen its existing detection technology and allow for earlier identification of players who exhibit potential early signs of problem gambling.

Entain also said it would make use of Mindway AI’s Gamalyze self-identification test, to provide users with feedback about their decision-making, as well as offer advice and guidance on how to keep control of their gambling.

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