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GambleAware: Fewer people seeking gambling harm support in Scotland

| By Marese O'Hagan
Research from GambleAware has found that fewer people are accessing gambling harm treatment services in Scotland compared to the rest of Great Britain.
GambleAware Scotland

This comes after GambleAware released interactive maps, which show the level of gambling harms across local authority and parliamentary levels.

The data used to create the maps was collected in November 2022 as part of the Annual Great Britain Treatment and Support Survey. In August GambleAware published research which was also based on the Treatment and Support survey, which found that mental health issues may contribute to problem gambling behaviours.

The most recent findings revealed that 16.7% of those who gamble in Scotland with any level of gambling problems – which is indicated by a Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI) score of 1 or more – go on to access treatment. This is compared to the average across Great Britain, which is 20.9%.

Glasgow City, Dundee City, North Lanarkshire, Aberdeen City and the City of Edinburgh were named as the five local areas in Scotland with the highest estimated problem gambling rates.

It was also found that 29.2% of those in Scotland with a PGSI 1+ score who have sought treatment did so due to the impact on their finances. In total, 12.6% cited serious impacts, such as losing their job or home, as a reason to seek out treatment.

Higher average in Scotland

In addition, 60.5% of people in Scotland were found to have taken part in any form of gambling in 2022. This is slightly above the average across Great Britain, which is 60.3%.

Zoë Osmond, chief executive of GambleAware, said the charity is “concerned to see fewer people seeking support in Scotland.

“Gambling harms can affect anyone and we are concerned to see that fewer people are accessing treatment and support in Scotland, she said. “As the leading gambling harms charity in Great Britain, we’ve published these maps and data to provide information to help address treatment and support needs in local communities.

GambleAware added that it would be responding to the UK government’s consultation on a statutory gambling levy. The move would impose a mandatory gambling levy on operators, which would be paid to the GB Gambling Commission. It would raise funds for research, education and treatment for gambling harms.

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