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Parimatch Tech doubles financial support to Ukraine

| By Robert Fletcher
Parimatch Tech has doubled its financial assistance commitment to Ukraine to UAH60m (£1.5m/€1.8m/$2.0m) as it furthers its support people in the country impacted by the Russian invasion.

The business initially set aside UAH30m to help Ukrainians amid the ongoing crisis but has now increased this amount in order to provide additional assistance. 

Parimatch Tech has already spent UAH42m, including UAH39m on ammunition and UAH3m on medicines. 

The total UAH60m fund will cover the costs of more than 3,300 pieces of body armour, over 200 radio sets, 150 thermal imagers and 60 pairs of binoculars. 

Funds will also be used to purchase over 1,000 first aid kits and more than 15,000 meals for refugees and defence forces, as well as to allow round-the-clock kitchens to continue to operate and to support ongoing evacuation efforts. 

Aside from financial assistance, Parimatch Tech and Parimatch Ukraine employees are also taking part in volunteer activities to help those in need. These projects include purchasing goods and medicine, cooking meals, delivering food and medicines and evacuating residents.

Some staff have also joined the Ukrainian Armed Forces, territorial defence forces and cyber forces to defend the country.

Meanwhile, Parimatch Tech has organised warehouses in Kyiv and Dnipro for volunteers to gather, coordinate and deliver humanitarian aid, while the developer has also transferred a large amount of office equipment to territorial defence forces such as printers, laptops, monitors, network equipment and modems. 

Volunteers are using the branded Tesla cars of Parimatch Tech staff to deliver medicines, food, ammunition and evacuate residents from the Kyiv region, while the territorial defence have received Parimatch Tech branded products and onboarding kits such as power banks, hoodies, socks, hats, thermoses and food boxes.

In addition, Parimatch Tech said it would support its staff financially, saying any employee can request emergency financial aid.

To help continue its projects in the country, Parimatch Tech has suspended all other efforts through its non-profit Parimatch Foundation in order to focus on war victims in Ukraine.

As part of this, Parimatch Foundation has launched a charitable fundraiser to help purchase and deliver food and medicine, as well as to assist with the evacuation of victims. 

The increase in financial support comes after Parimatch Tech earlier this month announced it was to withdraw its franchise from Russia in response to the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

Betring LLC had been operating the Parimatch brand in Russia under a deal agreed with Parimatch Tech in 2016, whereby all rights to use the Parimatch trademark in the country were transferred to Betring.

However, Parimatch Tech has now prepared and sent termination documents to Betring to cease operating the brand in Russia. 

The Parimatch brand was founded in Ukraine in 1994 and the main development centre of Parimatch Tech is currently located in the Kyiv.

Other companies across the gambling industry have also rallied to support Ukraine during the war. The Gaming Industry for Ukraine initiative, which launched earlier this month with the aim of raising £250,000, has so far generated £226,473.

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