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GLMS welcomes three new associate members

| By Robert Fletcher
The Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) has announced the CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity, the Hungarian Supervisory Authority for Regulatory Affairs and the Greek National Platform as its latest associate members.

The three organisations will fill three new categories of associate membership that were introduced in September 2020.

CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity was established to provide advice and education on integrity-related issues for stakeholders across the sport and governmental sectors. The organisation coordinates a number of projects including three ERASMUS+ of which GLMS has been a partner and also provided GLMS with a platform to interact directly and through its lotteries with the law enforcement and prosecutorial sectors.

“It has been enlightening for our country partners to engage with GLMS and with the GLMS lottery member at national level, resulting in concrete national actions,” CSCF director Norbert Rubicsek said. 

“Becoming an associate member can further strengthen our collaboration, in education and regulatory issues as well as building a stronger inter-stakeholder relationship, combining efforts and encouraging consistency across domains.”

The Hungarian Supervisory Authority for Regulatory Affairs (SARA) is the national authority responsible for authorisations and regulations in Hungary. It is the first gambling regulatory organisation to become an associate member of GLMS.

“We are glad that the GLMS has supported our authority’s application to become an associate member of GLMS,” SARA president Marcell Biró said. “This cooperation will contribute to our efforts as a regulatory authority to fight match-fixing via gaining information on the risks endangering the integrity of sports and on effective prevention tools.”

Meanwhile, the Greek National Platform aims to coordinate competent bodies at national level, cooperate internationally and create a monitoring mechanism to ensure the implementation of the provisions set out in the Macolin Convention.

“Manipulation of sport competitions is a global threat for sport and its values. It is a threat that requires national and international coordination and cooperation for addressing it,” Greek secretary general of sport at the Ministry of Culture and Sport, George Mavrotas, said.

“During the last years Greece has taken significant steps for combating match-fixing. We strongly believe in value-based sport and this agreement between EPATHLA and GLMS, a leading partner in the field, is another step towards this direction. It is essential to join forces and exploit synergies in order to protect sport from the corrosive phenomena that devalue it.”

GLMS general secretary Luca Esposito added: “Exchanging information is paramount in the fight against manipulation of sports competitions, expanding our membership to include the growing stakeholders involved in the sports and sports betting community helps us in achieving our objective to preserve the integrity of sport.”

Confirmation of the three new associate members comes after GLMS earlier this month revealed it sent out 300 suspicious betting alerts and notifications to members during the first quarter of 2022, a small decrease on the same period last year.

Of these alerts in the three months to 31 March, 243 were raised before a sporting event, 12 during the match or game and the remaining 45 after the event had ended. This total was down from 323 in the same period last year.

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