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UFC strengthens betting compliance efforts with ProhiBet

| By Robert Fletcher
Mixed martial arts organisation the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has enhanced its betting regulatory compliance measures by linking up with ProhiBet.
UFC ProhiBet

The UFC will use ProhiBet’s advanced notification platform to safeguard sports integrity and ensure adherence to state-specific regulations.

ProhiBet allows the UFC to monitor individuals such as UFC athletes, coaches, employees and officials. The UFC prohibits such individuals from placing bets on UFC events.

The collaboration builds on the UFC’s partnership with sports betting integrity monitor US Integrity, one of the parties behind ProhiBet. US Integrity serves as the UFC’s official betting integrity service, identifying and analysing unusual wagering activity at UFC events,

“One of the foundations of UFC’s success is our dedication to embracing regulation and compliance to promote safety and fairness in our sport,” UFC executive vice-president and general counsel Riché McKnight said.

“Our collaboration with ProhiBet is another step towards strengthening our integrity controls. It helps us enforce our anti-gambling policy and support the integrity of our sport.”

ProhiBet managing director Matt Heap added: “We are thrilled to partner with UFC. The combination of ProhiBet’s state-of-the-art encrypted data transfer system and UFC’s dedication to upholding the integrity of sports will undoubtedly enhance the transparency and trustworthiness of sports betting activities.”

ProhiBet – joint venture of US Integrity and Odds On Compliance

The ProhiBet solution was launched earlier this year by US Integrity and Odds On Compliance. It is the first offering to launch from the Secure Sports Solutions (S3) joint venture, with the two parties saying it is the only prohibited bettor solution in sports wagering.

ProhiBet utilises both US Integrity’s wagering monitoring services and Odds On Compliance’s experience in compliance technology. It monitors compliance with US state regulatory requirements via an encrypted decentralised cross-monitoring and notification platform.

Last month, the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Big 12 Conference became one of the first sports properties to begin using ProhiBet.

At the time, the conference said this forms part of a two-fold approach to strengthen its oversight over sports betting. Big 12 is also intensifying its control over the distribution of Big 12 data.

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