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GiG launches modifiable SaaS product

| By Zak Thomas-Akoo
Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) announced today the launch of a new B2B modifiable platform Enterprise Solution for operators that manage their own technology stack.
SaaS product

The product – which is aimed at complementing the business’ existing Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing model – will allow technically capable clients to modify or build up the supplier’s existing application.

The provider said that that it hopes to give operators more options in managing their platforms by allowing them the option to supplement the software. GiG also said that this would provide the company with a new commercial model to augment its existing offering.

Richard Brown, GiG CEO
Richard Brown, GiG CEO

According to the supplier, Enterprise Solution will be an offering available only to businesses which have the requisite technical ability to integrate the services into their current systems. GiG said that it considers the product as a “powerful and bespoke” solution which will aim to serve the rising demand in the sector for increased technological and roadmap flexibility.

First licensing agreement

GiG said that today (31 March) it signed its first licensing agreement for the new product to an unnamed “successful industry group”.

The deal is structured to charge a significant up-front fee for the licence, with subsequent fees added over the agreement’s term. The supplier added that the average yearly contract value is “materially above” current averages for company SaaS contracts.

GiG CEO Richard Brown outlined the business’ thinking when it came to the new product and the market gap it is looking to fill.

“We have long held the view that for some operators, who have the technical ability and experience, a model that would open up our platform and technology to them would create further collaborative improvement of the product and ultimately enhance the customer experience,” he said.

“We have seen increasing demand for operators to gain that flexibility and, with a recent development of our next generation platform, which has been developed with this structure in mind, we are able to offer this service in a controlled, supported and sustainable manner.

“Ultimately our new GiG Enterprise product provides a solution that many operators crave for and we do not think is being offered fully by the industry as of today.”

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