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Putting operators first: SOFTSWISS’ drive to innovate the industry

| By Laura Gumbrell | Reading Time: 6 minutes
The igaming landscape is fiercely competitive, with operators constantly seeking new ways to captivate players. Traditional platforms can be slow to update content, relying on outside partners for igaming solutions. So how can operators provide players with a more comprehensive gaming experience on their own? Tatyana Kaminskaya, head of SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator discusses what makes the industry's leading aggregator platform the first port of call for ambitious operators.

The evolving needs of the igaming landscape

The igaming industry is a constantly shifting terrain, shaped by technological advancements, changing player expectations, and regulatory developments. The race is well and truly on to grow on a global scale, and now operators need to adapt swiftly to stay relevant. 

The steady increase in online gambling revenue grew dramatically post-pandemic, reaching €382bn GGR, an increase of 8% compared to 2021. With the market expanding at pace throughout 2023, operators need an igaming platform that can not only help them launch an online casino but also scale as they grow.

Improving user experience and enforcing data security

With more countries reaching a legalised state, operators are having to navigate varying sets of rules, and the complexity of creating relevant content and a positive user experience for their target demographic. Operators are strategising on a global scale, and we are seeing heightened player expectations. 

Today players seek immersive experiences and demand a seamless transition between all of their platforms. Meeting these expectations not only requires operators to invest in cutting-edge technology, but to do so while maintaining a diverse and engaging array of games.

With cyber threats an ever-present challenge, and the igaming industry seeing the damage they can cause first-hand, operators need robust infrastructure and security measures in place that safeguards player data.

But with so many components to juggle, this is not an easy task. So how can operators succeed in such a saturated industry?

SOFTSWISS’ innovations in the industry

“We’re catering for the whole industry with solutions that are not limited to a specific segment but are more universal – proven, effective, and versatile solutions that are sure to work across various demographics.” 

As an aggregator serving some of igaming’s most reputable brands, SOFTSWISS is looking to further dominate the industry. Kaminskaya says that the SOFTSWISS team has always aimed high. 

“The main goal behind the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator since its launch has been to function as an intermediary between casinos and game providers. The solution ensures seamless and stable operation while relieving clients of legal and financial complexities.”

As an intermediary, SOFTSWISS’s platform produces in depth levels of data that not only helps evolve the functionality of the platform but undertakes a detailed analysis of user engagement.

 “Our ability to provide valuable insights extends not only to our operators but also to providers and game developers.”

Understanding the challenges and innovations of the industry is incomplete without diving into this data, but now, operators are searching for the tools to solve the industry pain points. 

Key new features of the SOFTSWISS product

“We are expanding our offering by creating additional tools, and these tools are proving effective based on data.”

In 2023, SOFTSWISS launched its latest innovative tools that aim to change the game for operators – “Over the last couple of years, we have worked to enhance our product by introducing additional functionality and new features, aligning with market trends, and delivering added value to our clients. As a result, we’ve added a new feature: the Tournament Tool to captivate and retain players effectively.”

Operators can use the Tournament Tool to engage players directly, offering them extra winnings, activities, and challenges – functionalities not typically offered by standalone games. 

Kaminskaya explains, “These not only captivate and entertain players but also introduce novel experiences and emotions into their gaming journey. Casinos strategically employ these features for retaining and reactivating their audience.”

The proof is in the numbers for SOFTSWISS, with its Tournament Tool increasing average daily bets per user by 22% compared to expectations.

For Kaminskaya, tools like this give SOFTSWISS a competitive advantage, alongside its highly skilled development team and its capacity to invest time and money into product development. 

Boosting clients’ revenue

SOFTSWISS has a commitment to continuously innovating its offering, however, the true test of any igaming platform lies in its ability to boost clients’ revenue. 

“We offer comprehensive business analytics to help our clients boost their financial performance, empowering them to make well-informed decisions. Our regular reports delve into the business landscape in the countries they operate in, the status of local providers, and any existing challenges.” 

For Kaminskaya, providing clarity to a client is paramount in the successful marketing of a game and as a way of maximising revenue streams. SOFTSWISS supports its clients in making data-driven decisions that enhance player satisfaction and maximise revenue. 

“We negotiate exclusive terms with providers for a specific client or launch a new game in one online casino weeks ahead of the market. We can also propose a budget for promoting games with a high likelihood of success.

“Allocating a budget to the client, we suggest certain marketing requirements and recommendations to ensure the campaign brings the best results to both the operator and the game provider.” 

Providing round the clock technical support 

For SOFTSWISS, customer service is at the crux of everything it does, so having a dedicated technical support team to work closely with clients is a priority. Whenever issues arise, such as bugging or a technical concern, the team is primed and ready to address them, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

“Within our client service department, we also have a team of account managers. They dive deep into client requests, consistently providing necessary information, analytics, contacts, and recommendations.”

“When we get requests not covered in our product, we follow a straightforward algorithm for developing any IT product. First, we check whether these ideas align with our product plan, as client requests often confirm our hypotheses. 

“Next, we evaluate and prioritise tasks, determining what needs immediate attention and the potential outcomes. Occasionally, we reject ideas during hypothesis testing, recognising that their implementation may not bring significant benefits. After all, not every idea needs to be brought to completion.”

Operator success: More than just a partnership

For SOFTWISS, having a 360 view of what’s needed is the key to its success. 

“Our goal is to find a balance between our interests, the interests of our clients, and the interests of studios.”

Kamiskaya believes that the superior service the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator can provide a client sets them apart,  

“Operators find it highly convenient to collaborate with us as a single, reliable provider due to our strong credibility. If, say, some problems arise with games or studios, we actively engage in solving them despite not having direct responsibility for third-party technical matters. 

“In return, our clients show loyalty by appreciating our support and recognising our genuine interest in their success.”

SOFTSWISS: standing out from the competition

“Our approach isn’t just about finalising an agreement and stepping back. We focus on fair competition rather than penalties and fines.”

The igaming industry is highly saturated, meaning its harder than ever to stand out from the crowd. With aggregators becoming more and more popular, SOFTSWISS needs to stay competitive with ever-evolving operator needs. One such way is its commitment to providing a fully personalised experience for each and every one of its clients.

Every SOFTSWISS customer has access to a dedicated manager who actively engages with them with advice to overcome any potential challenges they’re facing. They continuously strive to understand client needs, address incoming queries, identify information gaps, and share their expertise to resolve any issues.

Kamiskaya explains, “Managers have access to relevant analytics, are in touch with industry representatives, and are accumulating extensive knowledge and experience to share with their clients,” 

Kamiskaya adds, “As partners, we are genuinely interested in our clients’ development, profitability, quick resolution of challenges, and pursuit of new achievements. For example, when a client enters a new market, we provide insights into opportunities and user preferences and offer recommendations based on that information. 

“Our focus is on nurturing long-term relationships with clients and supporting the growth of their business, which, in turn, contributes to the growth of our product.”

Forward planning for the future 

“Our future trajectory for the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator is anchored in a commitment to excellence and pursuing even greater accomplishments.” 

SOFTSWISS continues to be a leading force in the igaming industry, providing operators with a holistic solution to navigate challenges, embrace innovation, and boost revenue. 

Looking forward, the platform’s commitment to evolution, technological excellence, and responsible gaming positions it right at the forefront.

“Expanding our game portfolio is a key aspect of our forward-looking strategy. We actively collaborate with new game providers to diversify our offerings, ensuring a rich and dynamic selection.”

Tatyana has been with SOFTSWISS for seven years and has grown from a low-level manager to the head of one of the core products – the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator.

Over the past years, the team lead by Tatyana has received multiple industry recognitions, including winning the EGR B2B Awards for Aggregator Platform of the Year two years in a row, the Starlet Awards for Game Aggregator of the Year, and the BSG Award for Best Online Casino Provider in the Nordics 2022 (B2B). Also, in July 2023 the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator has achieved a breakthrough milestone by surpassing 10,000,000,000 euro in total bets across all projects monthly and hasn’t fallen below that number so far.

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