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Pit Stop Betting to drive motorsports market

| By iGB Editorial Team
Pit Stop Betting will offer more than 15,000 betting points to motorsport fans 

Pit Stop Betting is to offer more than 15,000 betting points to motorsport fans as it gears up for its first major races this summer.

The Motorsport Network-backed platform is now live on Apple’s App Store and will soon be available on Google’s Play Store, with the British Grand Prix at Silverstone taking place this weekend.

Pit Stop Betting has been developed by an in-house team led by tech entrepreneur Simon Vumbaca and will cover 10 motorsport series at launch, including Formula One and Moto GP.

Vumbaca told iGamingBusiness.com that it was important to create a product that was specific to the needs of the motorsports fan, and the opportunity to design a bespoke platform came about thanks to the early backing of Motorsport Network, the parent company of several digital companies including Motorsport.com, Motor1.com, Motorstore.com, Motorsport.tv and Autosport.com.

“Betting options for motorsport are not really structured,” Vumbaca said. “There are a lot of big operators that focus on football and horse racing, which I understand, and they don’t want to target the investment required to develop a platform for 10 series.

“We have 10 years of data from 10 different series to create the sportsbook.”

Pit Stop Betting said it is important that its motorsport venture is not a race to the bottom. Bets will be accepted up to a maximum of £50, and Vumbaca said he wants people to enjoy the challenge of putting their knowledge to the test and not be “ashamed” of gambling.

The focus is on ‘rewarding entertainment’, with Pit Stop Betting providing plenty of content, including access to information, technical data and videos, to help its players make good decisions when they wager. The app’s simple and intuitive mobile interface has been designed to be operated with a single thumb.

“We want a product that offers a new way to interact with betting,” Vumbaca said.

Pit Stop Betting is initially live in the UK with the hope of entering other European markets later this year. It also plans to launch a number of enhancements over the next few months, including a pool betting service that again attempts to improve engagement with motorsport events.

“We do have financial goals of course, but the major target at present is development and to make sure it is well received,” added Vumbaca.

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