Betting on customer-centricity: Innovation in managed trading services

January 25th 2023 @ 15:00 - January 25th 2023 @ 16:00

The global sports betting industry is becoming increasingly complex, as established brands and challengers battle for customers across multiple markets. With operating costs climbing, is it time for the industry to shift focus from marketing to product? By zeroing in on trading, risk management, and player profiling brands may give themselves an edge in the battle for market share. 

Metric Gaming, thanks to its industry-leading solutions, is ready to lead the industry through that evolution from acquisition to retention, underpinned by innovative trading solutions and high quality technology. 

Metric’s experts were joined by Lacerta Sports (powered by Starlizard) and Racebook HQ for this webinar, which tells sports betting executives how this product-led approach can drive revenue growth, reduce costs, balance risk and provide a better user experience.