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Future proofing against fraud: Tomorrow’s tactics and how to stop them

November 23rd 2023 @ 15:00 - November 23rd 2023 @ 16:00

Are you at the forefront of fraud prevention, or do you worry there’s still gaps in your armour?

Pervasive fraud attacks at account opening and bonus abuse being on the rise, operators find themselves aiming at a moving target. As soon as one vulnerability is addressed, fraudsters find another to exploit

What should the industry be watching out for?

This special webinar in partnership with LexisNexis® Risk Solutions will arm you with the latest intel on igaming fraud. We’ll reveal live the top emerging tactics used by fraudsters, outlining the ways emerging technologies are deployed to breach operators’ defences.

You’ll learn how a diverse panel of operators are dealing with these challenges. We’re aware there’s no one-size fits-all in igaming, and we aim to bring you a range of perspectives, spanning different scales, markets and verticals.

Here are they key points we discussed:

  • Fraud in 2024: How can you identify fraud at the first hurdle?
  • The changing face of fraud: From deepfakes to account takeovers, how are criminals breaching your defences?
  • Detect and deter: Deploying the latest technology to strengthen your first line of defence
  • The future of fraud: How industry leaders stay ahead of ongoing threats

Watch the full on-demand video above!