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Avoid the pitfalls of igaming real-time video streaming: lessons from key industry players

January 31st 2024 @ 15:00 - January 31st 2024 @ 16:00

Real-time video streaming is a key technology for igaming applications that require live interaction between live video content and players. However, for operators, it’s not just a case of pressing ‘go live’. They need to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted delivery of content whilst avoiding the potential pitfalls of buffering, latency, bandwidth, and video quality. This can take a lot of their focus away from their core business.

This panel discussion united experts from thriving live sports betting, live casino, and live bingo applications. They explored their strategies for real-time video streaming in their businesses, sharing valuable insights into both successful implementations and lessons learned from challenges they encountered.

Together with iGB and real-time live stream experts from Nanocosmos, they explored:

  • Understanding live streaming: igaming and the use cases and applications around it
  • Robust and stable: Picking a streaming infrastructure that you can rely on
  • Global availability: Learn invaluable lessons on ensuring 24/7 operations with 100% uptime, while effectively reaching players across the globe
  • Data insights: How providing Analytics creates better customer satisfaction and business intelligence, based on the right data metrics from the platform
  • Security measures: Understand how to safeguard your games, preventing misuse and ensuring the ongoing protection of your valuable content
  • Tackling trends: Explore strategies for expanding into new markets and adopting cutting-edge technologies for real-time streaming, staying ahead of industry trends

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