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Managing betting integrity risks using data, tech and intelligence

October 6th 2020 @ 14:00 - October 6th 2020 @ 15:00

Betting fraud is evolving. New technologies are being utilised, and bad actors are corrupting sport, cheating fans, and defrauding betting operators. Match-fixers are using social media to establish contacts, communicating via instant messaging apps, and hiding behind encrypted services. Using these tools, they are attempting to gain the upper hand against integrity investigators.

If this threat is realised, it presents a substantial threat to all levels of sport and the betting industry. Covid-19 has already impacted heavily on sports revenues and the revenues of betting operators, and further setbacks such as increases in the prevalence of betting fraud present a significant risk.

This challenge is being met head-on by those in the sports integrity field, with sporting investigators and betting integrity experts working together in the anti-match-fixing fight.

In this webinar, Tom Mace, Jack Kennedy (Sportradar Integrity Services) and Nigel Mawer QPM (WPBSA & DRA) discussed their experiences, presenting real life case studies on betting fraud in football, snooker and darts, showing how data, technology and intelligence combined can help to join the dots, and bring the guilty parties to justice. The latest tools and techniques being utilised in the field will be discussed, including the use of account level betting data in tackling betting fraud and misuse of inside information, and how betting operators can play their part to help support the integrity ecosystem.

Viewers will learn:

  • How betting fraud is evolving – the current trends in match-fixing and projections for the years ahead
  • How data, technology and intelligence combined to build successful cases against match-fixing in snooker and darts
  • How betting operators can play their part to support integrity investigations
  • How betting operators can protect against betting fraud

This webinar is sponsored by Sportradar