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Reviewing the UK Gambling Act white paper: Eight weeks until A-Day

July 3rd 2024 @ 10:00 - July 3rd 2024 @ 11:00

On 27 April 2023, the much-anticipated Gambling Act white paper was released after years of setbacks and an industry waiting with bated breath. Upon release, the white paper was centred strongly around more stringent safer gambling regulation with a spotlight on affordability checks and stake limits on slots. The first wave of big changes comes into force in two months, with mandatory light-touch affordability checks.

How ready are operators for this new era? Where are the main areas of confusion and what options do operators have to ensure they remain compliant after A-Day on 31 August? Further changes are expected on AML in the coming months which, along with the voluntary code on EDD, could throw further confusion into the mix.

In partnership with the Department of Trust, this webinar will highlight the challenges and opportunities the white paper has presented to UK-facing online igaming operators, and the ripple effect it has had across the mature European market. Join us to learn more about:

  • Light-touch, or light weight? How to make sure your light-touch checks meet the new standard
  • Intervention scaling: How can operators implement “proportionate” interventions to light-touch and EDD assessments?
  • Taking the hit: Combatting lost revenue from new regulation
  • Players and the black market: How can operators win back lost players to the black market?