State of payments in the Gaming space – key issues for merchants & operators

October 15th 2020 @ 15:00 - October 15th 2020 @ 16:00

Recently, payments in the gaming space has rapidly transformed. Affected by a fast changing regulatory environment, numerous technological innovations and the shift in the payments industry to a more open methodology.

This timely and informative session, panelled by venerated gaming experts, will deep dive into the changes and challenges that iGaming operators are facing and share their unique perspectives and insights on how to adapt and triumph.

Topics will include:

  • In-depth analysis of the changing payments landscape in the iGaming industry and its impact on operators
  • A new era in payments: The end of the monolithic payments architecture? Examining the disparity between “open” and “closed” approaches to payment processing
  • Addressing regulatory pain points
  • Leveraging innovations in payments technology to achieve frictionless deposits: The holy grail of high conversions