US Politics in 2021: Impact on state and federal regulations for gaming

January 21st 2021 @ 16:00 - January 21st 2021 @ 17:00

Following the live post-election discussion held in November, we’re getting our experts back together right after the U.S. Inauguration to reflect on what the new administration and the results in the states mean for the world of gaming, iGaming, and sports betting in 2021 and beyond. A few months after the U.S. Elections and on the day after the new President being inaugurated, have their predictions changed since November and, most importantly, how will the new political landscape impact on the regulatory progress in the USA, both on the federal and the state level?

  • What should we expect for states to that had gaming pass on the ballot (South Dakota, Louisiana, Maryland, and Nebraska)?
  • How will emerging jurisdictions like Virginia and other move forward?
  • How much will sports betting and iGaming be influenced in those states that have not legalized yet
  • Under a Biden Administration, what changes will we see with the Wire Act and will we have a federal sports betting framework?
  • What other advances will be pushed for expansion of gaming or technology in 2021 and beyond?