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What’s on the docket: The gaming developments to watch in 2023

March 21st 2023 @ 17:00 - March 21st 2023 @ 18:00

Watch iGB and Odds On Compliance discuss the potential legislative developments for gaming and gambling in 2023. We answered the most pressing questions of 2023 – what should operators be monitoring in the months ahead? Which markets will be the most lucrative? What new compliance regulations do you need to be aware of?

With discussions around which US states are set to legalise online gambling in the coming year such as North Carolina, Georgia, and Minnesota, there’s a lot of key learnings to be had with California and its “Legalise Sports Betting Initiative” and the many challenges that Florida faced when attempting to legalise sports betting. 

Understanding which markets that could open up is just part of the gambling puzzle, there’s also much to be said on the bill to ban gambling advertising in the US and the potential impact that will have on the industry. 

Points discussed in this webinar

  • The forces behind regulatory progress: What factors are motivating states’ expansion efforts?
  • Now that the rush to launch has slowed and the sports betting market is maturing, what are the issues we need to think about?
  • Slotting into first place: Top tips for operators wanting to get ahead in 2023’s key markets

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