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Apple co-founder hints at AR potential in gaming

| By Hannah Gannage-Stewart
Steve Wozniak tips gaming as natural proving ground for augmented reality

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has hinted at the potential for augmented reality (AR) in gaming.

The technology entrepreneur was in conversation with Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) chief executive Robin Reed in Malta yesterday (Tuesday).

While taking questions from the audience, Wozniak said: “Augmented reality is going to involve some sort of hardware, some sort of projection device or little mirrors that reflect into the eyes so that you see objects in the real world that aren’t necessarily there.

“They can help guide you, they can help train you in certain tasks, and they can help you play games”.

He said games would be the “strong point” for AR in the first instance, as the emerging technology develops.

“I’m looking forward to that and virtual reality,” he added. “I’m not playing those games to play with virtual reality but I’ve put them on and I’ve been at live sporting events or concerts where you’re right there on the stage. And it’s a really emotional experience.”

Hinting at the key to developing great games, he said: “The best things with computers always start with an emotional experience – its something I love and I want to show you and tell you about it”.

He was less enamored with the current ICO trend, which has been a major feature of the igaming industry in the last 18 months.

He dubbed the ICOs “bitcoin copies” and said he sold his bitcoin off when he realised that the frequent fluctuations in the currency’s value were causing him to spend too much time monitoring it.

Wozniak took numerous questions from the audience, which consisted of more than 600 GiG employees, technology students and the press.

GiG was celebrating its five-year anniversary with an internal conference, called GiGsters Connect. ​

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