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Belgian report shows new player sign-ups quadrupled during Euro 2020

| By Nosa Omoigui
A report from Belgium's regulator Commission des Jeux de Hasard (CJH) has shown that betting activity in the country increased by more than four times during football's European Championship tournament.
CJH report sees increase in bettors during Euro 2020

There were 36,418 new players during Euro 2020, more than quadruple the 8846 registered during the month of May. The figures recorded incorporate all forms of online gambling during the time period, rather than being limited to just sports betting statistics.

The tournament took place between 11 June and 11 July, concluding before the government approved proposals to lower Belgium’s weekly loss limit from €500 to €200.

103,511 new accounts were created the week before and during Euro 2020, while the number of daily players averaged out to 191,434. This figure shot up from 132,818 back in May.

497,047 people in total used licensed sites during the tournament, resulting in almost six million participations.

Players tended to bet more when the Belgian national football team were playing. The only time the number of daily players dipped below the tournament average whilst Belgium were playing was during their first fixture against Russia, when 190,453 players were active.

The number of daily players peaked at 281,923 for Belgium’s match with Finland. The average dropped to 138,591 the day after Belgium were eliminated from the competition.

In addition. the number of self-exclusions per day increased from an average of eight per day before the tournament to an average of 12 while it was taking place, though daily figures fluctuated heavily.

A statement from CJH said: “It is important to multiply gambling prevention information and messages. The CJH is delighted that this could be done, in particular thanks to the ‘Stop in time!’ campaign – carried out in perfect collaboration with BAGO (Belgian Association of Gaming Operators). 

“This campaign made it possible to give the message that the CJH wishes to remain central – ‘Don’t let the game get in your head. Stop in time’. The CJH fervently wishes to be able to pursue this type of initiative in the future by collaboration with both the legal gambling sector and the charitable sector.”

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