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Entain survey suggests majority of gamblers see betting as social activity

| By Marese O'Hagan
A study of 2,000 Britons from sports betting and gambling operator Entain found that a majority of gamblers view betting as a social activity.

The survey – conducted by the CT Group with a panel of respondents who all emphasises betting frequency and how betting fits into the lives of the British public.

Over half of participants regarded betting as a “social activity”, while over a quarter said they had made “good friends” through betting and gaming.

Gamblers surveyed also said they tend to spend more on other leisure activities than gambling, with 78% sending they spend twice as much at pubs and restaurants than they do on gambling.

Meanwhile, 38% said they enjoyed spending money while 58% said they saw themselves as savers.

Over 90% of people who said they enjoyed betting identified as sports fans, while almost two thirds of them labelled themselves as active money “savers”.

In addition, 94% of respondents responded affirmatively when asked if they should be free to decide for themselves how to spend their spare time and money, which Entain said was an increase from December 2020.

The survey comes as the 2005 UK Gambling Act is under review by the Department of Digital Culture, Media and Sports.

The review hopes to target gambling advertising and player protections for young adults. It has already been decided that the minimum age to play the lottery will be raised to 18.