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Holland Casino CEO secures new term

| By iGB Editorial Team
Erwin van Lambaart has secured a new four-year term as the chief executive of state-owned Holland Casino.

Erwin van Lambaart has secured a new four-year term as the chief executive of state-owned Holland Casino.

The new term, which will begin in March 2020, was approved by the Dutch Ministry of Finance following the recommendation of Holland Casino’s supervisory board.

Van Lambaart has been at the helm since 2016, and Willem Bröcker, chairman of Holland Casino’s supervisory board, praised the incumbent’s leadership through “turbulent times”.

In May, the proposed privatisation of Holland Casino was called off by Justice Minister Sander Dekker following political opposition to the plans from within the Senate.

Under the proposals, 10 of the monopoly’s 14 casinos would have been sold off, whilst retaining the Holland Casino brand. The remaining four venues would have been sold separately while two new licences would have been awarded for new facilities.

“With the reappointment of Erwin van Lambaart, we ensure the continuity of Holland Casino’s successful strategy,” Bröcker said.

“In recent years, he has steered the company through turbulent times in a powerful manner and has ensured stability within the company.

“In addition, he has successfully managed to unite his team’s interests and the social role of Holland Casino through the ‘HC2020’ strategy, which has been implemented decisively. His knowledge and insights will be of great importance for the company in the coming period.”

Van Lambaart said in April that the monopoly’s preparations for the opening up of the online market in the Netherlands were “on schedule”. The first licences are expected to be awarded in the middle of next year.

Van Lambaart added following news of his reappointment: “I look forward to continuing this great assignment as chairman of the board to make Holland Casino more future-proof and to face the tough challenges ahead.

“Our successful strategy will be continued in the coming years, including the launch of the online gambling market, the opening of new locations in Venlo and Utrecht, and various product innovations and improvements for our customers.”

Prior to joining Holland Casino in 2016, Lambaart worked extensively in the hospitality, entertainment and media sectors.

Image: Holland Casino

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