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Kindred’s early detection RG tool sees 70% of players flagged reduce deposits

| By Nosa Omoigui
Operator Kindred Group has revealed that three-quarters of players flagged by its Player Safety-Early Detection System (PS-EDS) displayed healthier gambling activity after receiving PS-EDS messages, as per its latest sustainability report. 

PS-EDS is a core part of Kindred’s responsible gambling approach, which is designed to detect early signs of problem gambling within players.

In 2020, 58,000 personalized messages promoting responsible gambling were sent out to those detected by the system who were deemed to be problem players.

70% of players detected by the behavior monitoring system were seen to deposit less the next time, and 76% of customers were seen to exhibit healthier gambling habits after they were identified.

12% of Kindred customers were seen to be taking matters into their own hands, by using optional control tools to keep track of their own behavior.

The percentage of players using deposit limits, loss-limits, self-exclusion and products blocks all increased, though the amount of players using reality checks declined. In 2020, 7.3% of Kindred players used deposit limits, 6.15% self-excluded and 1.4% use product blocks.

Players detected in PS-EDS were more likely to use RG tools.

These figures come after Kindred last month became the first top-tier operator to report how much of their revenue came from at-risk gamblers.

The operator also outlined these figures in more detail in its report. Revealing that around 6% of revenue came from medium-risk customers and around 20% from low-risk, with the rest coming from those classed as “social” players.

“Our ambition to transform gambling includes our approach to marketing. Kindred is a provider of entertainment and we compete for people’s leisure time and spend,” Kindred said in the report.

“We invest in marketing to differentiate ourselves from competitors because we believe in promoting our products and their features. At the same time, we believe that advertising should be carried out in a socially responsible manner, and have adjusted our marketing approach accordingly.”

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