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NetEnt unveils Live Beyond Live

| By Louella Hughes

NetEnt’s fully immersive, 3D mobile-first live casino game Live Beyond Live offers players an exclusive casino area on Mr Green’s platform.

NetEnt head of live productions Laszlo Keczer said the game responds to a trend in this industry, whereby session times are decreasing as mobile gaming increases.

“This is not due to a lack of product quality, this is because in general we just have a shorter time span and we have less time to actually focus on one game,” he said.

Live Beyond Live takes the player to Mr Green’s LA villa where s/he sees four tables; two roulette and two blackjack. They are able to travel between tables, where the players are displayed as avatars.

“We guide players, we create a player journey, whereby providing information we allow players to make conscious choices, moving from one table to the other from one game to the other. We do this by showing them what’s happening in the background,” Keczer explained.

“We show them the winning number on the roulette, we show them streaks, we show them when the dealer goes bust, what streaks the dealer has. And of course the fact that they can see the actual dealers changing in the background creates a lot of trust in the product”.

He added NetEnt intends to increase its focus on VIP players, taking the game “to the next level” to attract high-value players.

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