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Play’n GO strikes gold with new slot release Legion Gold

| By Katrina Holmes | Reading Time: 5 minutes
Leading game supplier Play’n GO has released its latest slot game, Legion Gold. Much like the rest of its adventure-driven portfolio, this game takes players on an unforgettable ride back in time to the Roman era, where players don their armour and are challenged to find those all-important gold coins.
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George Olekszy, head of game retention at Play’n GO, takes iGB on a journey back to the glory days of 27BC to discover what Legion Gold has in store for the wannabe Roman soldiers among us (and the average player too).

“Our focus is on entertainment, so every title that Play’n GO is producing is designed to last and entertain players way beyond its initial release.”

Choosing the right story to tell: When in Rome

For Play’n GO, the golden nugget of any slot release is finding the perfect story to tell, but with so much history at our fingertips, how did the supplier wade through the centuries and decide on Ancient Rome?

“There are so many elements that go into developing a game and choosing its story and its theme. Legion Gold and its mechanics really suited everything, from the inspiration that we could take from history and mythology, and how the design would complement the mechanics of the game in creating an entertaining experience.

“I think there is something about understanding a theme before you enter a game that enhances the enjoyment of that title. Knowing that Legion Goldfollows a theme inspired by the Romans already gives an idea of what the game might look like, which symbols are to be expected, and how the game will feel before you even hit spin.”

And it seems that Play’n GO picked right with the game being one of the supplier’s most-played titles of the year so far. It’s no surprise that players are enjoying Legion Gold since the team replicated the success of its Ancient Egypt-themed blockbuster Book of Dead’s storytelling to bring it to life. Book of Dead has since peaked at number one for best online slot game of 2021 on Clash of Slots.

The Gladiator challenge for Play’n GO

With such a stellar reputation in successful storytelling, Play’n GO is constantly under pressure from current and new players to go bigger and better with every new game release. But how does the game supplier keep up with a demand greater than the Roman army?

Understanding player feedback and what they want to see in a slot game is front and centre of the development of any new game, as Olekszy explains.

“Games that we’ve released that focus on history perform really well because they play on existing knowledge and in some cases nostalgia,” he says. “We’ve seen Legion Gold do particularly well because of this. I think this comes from Play’n GO’s commitment to creating titles for everyone, and listening to player feedback to help develop what they actually want versus what we think players want from an internal level.”

This strategy for game development seems to be hugely successful for Play’n GO, which has released some of the most well-known and successful slot games on the market, including the adrenaline-fuelled Wild Falls 2 and Reactoonz. Its portfolio of popular games has helped Play’n GO to fuel the fire of success for Legion Gold.

“We can measure the success of Legion Gold by seeing the game do well in the markets we operate in long past its release date. We know this works already as we have titles like Reactoonz and Book of Dead, which are as popular today as they were when they were initially released, if not more so.”

Online Betting Guide couldn’t agree more when it comes to Legion Gold’s storytelling:

“What we have on the visual side of the Legion Gold slot will probably make you stay longer with this release. We’re talking about unique elements like a game board made of the finest marble or symbols in striking colours with beautiful details. As a final touch to the visual display, we have the background image depicting ancient pillars and military banners.

A heroic piece of music accompanies the thrilling theme. So, you can hear dramatic instruments and deep vocals from time to time. Lastly, there are exciting sound effects.”

This isn’t the first time that Play’n GO’s slot games have propelled its players into an imaginary realm that has them on the edge of their seats. Take Book of Dead, which continues to outperform some of the newer releases on the market.

“It’s no coincidence that Book of Dead is enjoyed by more people than ever, several years after its launch. If you get the fundamentals right and always exceed expectations, players appreciate it,” Johan Törnqvist, chief executive of Play’n GO told iGB earlier this year.

And Olekszy agrees with Törnqvist that storytelling is Play’n GO’s unique selling point.

“We are storytellers at heart and that goes beyond our games. We love a good story and that naturally weaves into our game development. You’ll notice in Legion Gold that we have the Roman soldier on the reels, joined by the ferocious beasts, inspired by the animals belonging to the Roman god of war, Mars. Even the letters look as if they have been chipped into stone.

“The story doesn’t stop there. When it comes to progressing through different features of the game, like when we enter the free spins, the background changes to a place of fiery destruction. This, combined with the audio of soldiers roaring on a wild win, and the clink of the scatter like shields clashing, really drums up the suspense and immerses players in the world of Legion Gold while highlighting to them that they are about to enter a bonus round or that free spins are soon to begin.”

So what is Legion Gold?

Legion Gold recruits its players as part of the formidable Roman army and their first mission is to hunt for gold. But all is not what it seems, as fearsome lions block the way to earning the prized coins, leaving players to venture across Rome to find them.

Taking you on a spin: Features of Legion Gold

Unlike some of the recent slot releases, Legion Gold couldn’t be easier to play. All a player needs to do is land three or more lion scatters and they’ll get to enjoy the mega free spins feature. This feature opens up an adventure far beyond the gates of the Colosseum with the opportunity to land on the mega coin symbol where the gold re-spin feature awaits. As a Roman soldier, this is what leads you to the golden path to victory.

The gold dash doesn’t stop there. There are plenty more opportunities to get a gold re-spin, including landing six coins or a mega coin symbol on the golden-plated reels. But players will have to heed caution, a life will be lost every time there’s no gold coin found!

“We’ve found that the re-spins mechanic is popular,” says Olekszy. “You just have to look at titles like Legacy of Egypt where the pyramid spins are a go-to feature. You can see it in Legion Gold with the coin symbols adding additional free spins in a round which is so exciting because there is that thrill of waiting for a gold coin to land and add to your free spins. This is something that we’ll continue to innovate in future titles. “The moving mega symbol in the mega free spins also appears to be a popular feature that players enjoy. Simply having an animated symbol that moves from left to right drums up the anticipation as where it lands can be the difference in the potential of that round.”

What is the maximum win on Legion Gold?

If you manage to find the soldier inside yourself and fend off the pesky lions, you’ll have the chance to amass gold to a maximum of 2,000x. A win-win situation.

The big push: Legion Gold on the market

LegionGold is powered by the classic lock and re-spin mechanic, while free spins include a moving mega symbol feature, creating more ways to win and upping the excitement to almost-off-your-seat levels. All of this, partnered with Play’n GO’s renowned artwork and dedication to detail, is a winning combination that is destined for success. Are you ready to pledge your allegiance to the Roman army?

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