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Interstellar Attack by High 5 Games

| By Aaron Noy | Reading Time: < 1 minute
Hello, this is your commander speaking. Pilots, welcome aboard your spaceship. You are now entering the largest Interstellar Attack known to this fleet. Get your laser cannons ready to fight against columns of descending aliens and asteroids.
Interstellar Attack by High 5 Games

Collect crystals from their fallen ships to spin-crease our fleet and gain power-ups to blast away to bigger wins. If you shoot the alien scout ship, you are in for a battle bonus. Copy that, pilots? Get ready, get set, Interstellar Attack! 5 by 5 reels. Spin-crease.

  • You can play a demo of Interstellar Attack here!
  • You can download the affiliate pack at First Look Games
Go-live date (expected):Already live!
Number of paylines:25
Number of reels:5
RTP% (recorded/theoretical):90.00% – 97.20%
Auto-play function?Yes

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