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The industry landscape: affiliates in igaming 2017

| By Aaron Noy | Reading Time: 2 minutes
iGaming Business has published the iGB Affiliate and Operator Survey, for which we surveyed 270 affiliates and 100 operators to find out the key issues and challenges they face in their work.

Welcome to the first edition of the iGaming Business Affiliate Survey, for which we surveyed some 270 affiliates and 100 operators' affiliate teams to find out what they think of the industry at the moment, what their key concerns are and whether they believe future prospects for the igaming sector are good.

The findings have been split into affiliate and operator reports to make them as clear as possible.      

Regulation, communication, trust, diversification and, of course, growing their companies. Those are just some of the key findings both affiliates and operators pinpoint as playing a major role in their day to day activities.

What is clear however is that confidence is high: 83% of affiliate respondents said they were ‘confident’ about the industry as a whole, while 71% were ‘confident’ about the affiliate side of things.

And while casino and sports betting remain core verticals for affiliates at 70% and 62% respectively, poker (34%) and bingo (33%) are next.

Interestingly, lotteries are just behind at 29%, reflecting the rise of secondary lottery providers increasingly challenging the monopolies in major markets such as the UK, Germany of Holland.

Key findings from the survey include:

the mean monthly income for igaming affiliates,
how many of them are currently considering becoming igaming operators,
the average number of operators they partner with,
key marketing channels for affiliates, 
how operators approach their work with affiliates.    
Regulation was identified as both an opportunity and a threat for affiliates’ future prosperity, with affiliates stating it was the biggest factor impacting on their businesses.

In particular, unclear/ambiguous legislation was cited as a worry, although clarity does not always work in affiliates’ favour.

The UK remains the leading market with 67% of affiliates targeting it, Germany is second at 43% and Australia is third at 39%.

We’ll leave you to trawl through all information and discover the nuggets that are most useful to your work.

We hope you find the contents of these surveys informative and feel free to send in your feedback at: info@igamingbusiness.com.dev.synot.io

Jake Pollard, Head of content, iGaming Business

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