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The power of partnership

| By iGB Editorial Team
Live-streamed games from a real casino not only generate valuable new income streams for brick ‘n’ mortar brands, but also allow online casinos to benefit from the enhanced trust and credibility such partnerships deliver, writes Angelo De Gobbi of Medialive Casino.

Land-based casinos are suffering a big crisis in these times due to the ever increasing controls on cash transactions and the strong competition from online games. Even if it is far easier nowadays to travel to and visit a land-based casino, online games are now omnipresent everywhere, making it as easy to use your smartphone to spend some bucks gambling.

It’s crucial then for land-based casinos to explore the possibilities of the online gaming world to generate more profits. The easiest solution is to broadcast their games online direct from their gaming floor using the same staff. In fact, Medialive Casino offers a quick setup time for this solution, which is complete and autonomous without the need for extra staff. We are able to bring our expertise and know-how to bear for any land-based casino, enabling them to broadcast games of roulette, blackjack and baccarat online. This allows land-based casino players to enjoy games when they return home, via television in a hotel room, or in the same casino using a tablet computer.

Doing that, land-based casinos will be able to generate new income streams without increasing their costs. They will also be able to increase loyalty levels among their players, because if their customers continue to play even after they have left the casino, this means they are not spending any time with the competition.

Another plus for land-based casinos is that they will be able to promote and spread their brand via the broadcasts from their gaming halls, allowing them to target new types of player – often younger and whom have never been inside in a real casino.

Online casinos entering into partnerships with a brick and mortar brand will also benefit from the enhanced credibility and reputation these bring. VIP players can be rewarded with free weekends in land-based casinos, thanks to a cross-marketing strategy. Moreover, online players with still harbour some concerns about RNG games will be able to play with a real table and a real dealer, removing all the doubts they may have about an online game.

We introduced our live streaming service in 2013 following a deal for roulette with Italy’s Casino San Remo, allowing players to enjoy competing against others from the comfort of their home without actually having to step foot on the gaming floor. The innovation was soon a great success, and now accounts for more than 90 percent of the venue’s online revenues, with players even able to hear what is being said around the tables.

Bringing land-based players online The aforementioned solution is a fresh way to bring land-based players to online gaming. But in practice, it’s not that easy. Land-based players, particularly those of green table games, are really scared by standard RNG games online. They are highly suspicious, even when standing in front of a real dealer at the green tables, so imagine how they feel behind a computer with a random number-generated result! The only way, then, to bring them to online play is to reproduce the look and feel they are used to having at their favourite landbased casino. This is why it’s so important to broadcast the real table together with the dealer and also the other players at the table. Only this way will our suspicious player learn to trust the online game, as he will be able to see and play within the real casino environment he is familiar with.

Another important feature to consider when trying to bring land based players online is the bet time. At real casinos, VIP players are used to being given time to place their bets, and it’s therefore very frustrating when they are given only few seconds to do so in the online version of their roulette game. That’s why we always suggest to operators that they increase the bet time within these setups, because even if the number of games per hour goes down, you will be increasing the average bet.

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