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Lithuanian regulator fines Enlabs for sending terms and conditions email

| By Marese O'Hagan
Lithuania's Gambling Supervisory Authority has imposed a fine of €11,183 (£9,366/$12,611) on Enlabs after the regulator said it encouraged customers to gamble – a violation of the country's 2021 marketing laws – via a terms and conditions email.
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The Supervisory Authority found that in August last year, Enlabs brand Optibet emailed a newsletter titled “Update of Rules: New Games” to 10,600 customers.

The newsletter read, in part: “We would like to inform you about changes to our terms and conditions: rules for new games have been added.” The newsletter then included a link to Optibet’s remote gaming rules.

The regulator said this was considered to be encouraging customers to partake in gambling, a direct infringement of article 10, section 19 of the country’s gambling law – which prohibits the promotion of gambling. The bill was brought in last year and also bans bonuses.

In line with the Law on Administrative Proceedings of the Republic of Lithuania, the fine can be appealed.

This is the second time UAB Baltic Bet has violated this regulation. In October 2021, the operator received a warning after running a promotion for its Optibet blackjack service.

Also in October 2021, the Supervisory Authority issued a fine of €12,450 to Enlabs after it was found to have organised a form of gambling that falls outside of Lithuania’s regulations.

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