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Campeón: How to provide a world-class gaming experience

| By Alice Soule | Reading Time: 6 minutes
Delivering an unparalleled gaming experience is top of every operator’s list but with out-of-the-box platforms offering little in the way of personalisation, it can almost seem unachievable. Marinos Shiapanis, chief executive officer at Campeón Gaming, believes that its solution solves these challenges as “a platform created by operators for operators, delivering excellence for a world-class gaming experience”.

Gaining insight into player behaviour has significantly evolved over the past five years, with operators now having the opportunity to actually know their players. With this player data comes the ability for operators to enhance both the player experience and their gaming platform to give their audience exactly what they’re looking for.

Shiapanis has seen this first-hand, “Operators are looking to provide a more personalised gaming experience, including tailored promotions, game recommendations, and in-game features to align with the specific interests of individual players.”

“This not only enhances player engagement, but also allows operators to gain deeper insights into player behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns.”

But in order to achieve this high-level personalised player experience, operators need an all-encompassing platform that can accommodate this. Enter Campeón.

Understanding customer requirements

“The igaming industry’s shift towards data-driven decision-making is integral. This approach enables platforms to adapt, innovate, and meet the evolving expectations of their customer base, ultimately enhancing the overall gaming experience.”


One of the biggest challenges for operators has been determining exactly what their players want from the igaming experience, and most importantly, how they want it. With each market’s players looking for something different to the next, it’s almost impossible for operators to keep track of the varying preferences and interests.

With the use of straight out-of-the-box platforms paired with a blanket approach to promotions and other key marketing strategies, operators are finding a drop-off in key metrics like engagement levels and retention rates.

Industry-leading platform provider Campeón Gaming believes that operators no longer need to wade their way through the weeds with this particular challenge. Instead, utilising player data that we now have at our fingertips can help to shape the highest quality igaming platform. 

Personalised experiences with artificial intelligence

The evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) in igaming has catapulted our vault of knowledge on what customers are looking for in a platform.

Shiapanis explains, “The integration of AI into operator platforms will likely become a cornerstone for creating more efficient, adaptive, and personalised experiences for players, marking a significant advancement in the capabilities of data analytics in the igaming sector.”

And for Shiapanis, there are several types of data that are crucial in understanding the way in which a player uses a platform. “Player behaviour data, which involves analysing how players interact with the platform, their game preferences, and playing patterns, aid in tailoring promotions and content to maximise engagement.”

Partnering up for success with Campeón Gaming

Understanding how to marry player data and platform functionalities can be a challenge, resulting in operators playing a guessing game of how they can successfully work together. Being able to innovate their platform to revolutionise the player journey could prove to be the key to operator success. That’s why more and more operators are partnering up to deliver a platform that delivers on the two key KPIs: engagement and retention.

Shiapanis believes Campeón Gaming’s seven years of experience in the industry is just one of the reasons why it tops the list for operator’s choice. Using world-class technology, it’s all-round solution platform allows operators to build and manage the most targeted and engaging igaming experience for customers.

Its process of collecting data is thorough and ordered, starting with an initial stage of categorising and prioritising customer feedback.

Shiapanis explains, “We prioritise feedback that directly impacts user experience, platform performance, and features. Our team then conducts a thorough analysis, considering both qualitative and quantitative aspects of the feedback.

“Then we proceed to new updates that align with industry trends, address common pain points, and contribute to the platform’s adaptability, for immersive customer satisfaction.”

The team focuses its efforts on operator feedback that accurately pinpoints requirements, such as analytics tools, personalisation features, and security enhancements. Shiapanis believes this refines Campeón Gaming’s data collection process and ensures the data remains “robust, scalable, and capable of supporting advanced analytics for better decision-making.”

The importance of your platform’s UI

Facing a wealth of competition, operators need to stand out from the crowd in order to attract, and retain, players. From the volume of platforms available to choose from, players are naturally drawn to those that operate in the most seamless and user-friendly way. Remaining stagnant is not an option, and for Shiapanis, prioritising an intuitive design with a visually appealing and responsive interface is imperative.

“The incorporation of the “one-click-away” model further enhances user experience, making gaming smoother, enjoyable, and more engaging.”

Campeón’s flexible approach to platform development allows operators to showcase their appeal to players through flexible customisation, rich content and a high-quality design.

The drive for mobile-first igaming

 “Mobile compatibility and performance have also become critical aspects, given the increasing number of players accessing igaming platforms via mobile devices.”

This notion expands into a platform’s mobile and app capabilities which Shiapanis feels is an opportunity operators shouldn’t miss out on. With the majority of players preferring the convenience of mobile accessibility, providing an equally high performing and intuitive mobile option is essential.

 Key areas for operators to look out for

“Conversion and retention metrics provide insights for optimising marketing spend and strategies to acquire and retain players effectively.”

It’s not just UI and accessibility that operators need to look out for, personalisation is a key industry trend at present, proving to help increase player engagement and in turn, retention levels. However, operators are faced with a catalogue of requirements when it comes to personalising their offering, from analysing regional preferences to understanding individual player behaviours.

Shiapanis explains, “Player behaviour data, which involves analysing how players interact with the platform, their game preferences, and playing patterns, aids in tailoring promotions and content to maximize engagement.”

Being able to offer personalised experiences is only doable with access to accurate data, something Campeón Gaming learnt as an operator. And with this first-hand experience to lean on, Campeón Gaming was able to build its industry-leading solution.

“The development of our proprietary igaming technology stack was prompted by the challenges that we’ve faced as an operator, in finding a suitable platform that met our specific needs.

“In response, we incorporated our in-house solution platform to address industry challenges, including the imperative for improved personalisation, efficient data management, and staying at the forefront of technological advancements.”

Localising through customer feedback

Localisation is key for an operator moving into an emerging market, though it needs to go further than simply translating into localised languages.

“Understanding the demographic profile of players facilitates targeted marketing strategies, game development, and localised offerings. Additionally, knowledge of the geographical locations and jurisdictional environments of players allows platforms to customise offerings based on regional preferences and compliance requirements.”

Campeón Gaming supports operators to localise their offerings by providing a comprehensive suite of services that ranges from market research, cultural analysis, and compliance research to ensure operators understand the jurisdictions of their target markets.

Looking beyond simple translation, Campeón Gaming helps to ensure content accuracy and pinpoint successful marketing opportunities.

“Our platform offers flexibility, allowing operators to customise user interfaces, payment methods, and promotional content to resonate with the preferences of diverse global audiences.

“Regular updates and continuous communication with operators help us adapt to evolving market dynamics, ensuring sustained success in the global gaming landscape.”

Navigating legislations

For operators, navigating the various levels of legislations in different regions can be a minefield, especially when they’re looking to expand their offering. Campeón Gaming aims to take this heavy burden off its operator clients by ensuring it always has an expert compliance team in-the-know of ever-changing regulations.

Shiapanis explains, “We employ a dedicated regulatory compliance team that monitors legal developments globally. We also have regular training programs for our team members also ensure a deep understanding of the intricacies of each market’s regulatory landscape.

“We are constantly trying to remain agile and responsive to changes in legislation, ensuring our operations align seamlessly with the ever-evolving regulatory environment, promoting transparency.”

Spotlight on: Data security and player trust

With this big drive for data-led platforms that deliver on the ultimate player experience comes two big challenges: data security and in turn, player trust.

Shiapanis believes these are two key considerations for customers looking for an igaming platform. He explains, “Data security and player trust are paramount considerations for customers. Platforms that prioritize robust security measures, including secure and easy payment gateways, alongside responsible data handling, are preferred.

“Transparency in data practices and compliance with privacy regulations play a crucial role in building and maintaining trust among players.”

Pushing the creation of customer focused platforms to the next level

“Clients are increasingly seeking more predictive and prescriptive analytics to anticipate player behaviour, personalise experiences and optimise operational efficiency.”

With the increased need for an all-bells-and-whistles platform, Campeón Gaming is continuing to look at developing its already successful product offering to help cater to evolving client demands. Using client feedback as the foundation to its development work, Shiapanis believes that Campeón Gaming goes above and beyond to give the igaming industry exactly what it needs to tackle its biggest challenges.

“We not only meet the current standards of the igaming industry but also proactively anticipate and surpass future expectations.

“This adaptability and flexibility contribute to redefining operational excellence in the igaming landscape, ultimately yielding top-notch results and reinforcing our leadership position in the industry.”

Marinos Shiapanis, Campeón Gaming’s chief executive officer

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